k101 Agency is the brainchild of Kim Lieb and Tia Clarida – friends and co-workers since 2002. They have merged their skill sets to create an integrated agency that utilizes a powerful combination of strategy, marketing and design to present a cohesive communications picture. Their versatile offerings and customer-centric approach provide a dynamic yet balanced environment that nurtures businesses large and small.
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Co-Principal and Marketing Director

“Creating connections between brands and their target audience, in a way that feels authentic, is what I do best! I look at the essence of the brand and uncover unique ways to tell its story.”

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Kim believes in leaving a positive footprint on the world. A marketing strategist for 15+ years, she’s guided companies to crank up the volume on their brands. She excels in developing authentic and effective strategies for clients to best reach their target audience in meaningful ways using tools like SEO optimization, social media, digital marketing, branding and design. Kim also thrives in making key connections for her clients by; assembling team members to implement her tailored marketing strategy, bringing together a brand with a meaningful charitable or social impact cause, and sourcing unique promotional items through her affiliation with ASI.

In 2016, Kim co-founded Little Activists, an apparel line that gives kids a way to express their views on issues that impact their futures. Inspired by the birth of her twins, this business venture has reinforced Kim’s belief in living and working authentically and engaging in business partnerships with like-minded creative visionaries committed to making the world a better place.

Kim’s passion for social impact was apparent early in her career. For several years, she lended her creativity and connections genius to Step Up Women’s Network and Valentine Boys & Girls Club by serving on their Boards of Directors. Kim also co-founded Stimulus Social Club in 2009, a membership organization for professionals to become socially conscious while networking.

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Co-Principal and Creative Director

“I help our clients create an authentic vision and a voice for their brand. We bring their products or services to life through modern storytelling, which encompasses a blend of graphic design, writing and digital assets.”

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A graduate of Clemson University, Tia has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Communications. She spent more than 20 years in the marketing and advertising world working with Fortune 100 companies before giving in to her entrepreneurial spirit and launching Cover Magazine in 2002, where she served as editor in chief. She currently specializes in brand development, creative execution and integrated marketing strategies. Her client and project management experience combined with her keen eye for knockout creative gives her the ability to view her clients from all angles and create custom solutions.

When she is not writing or working with her creative team, you can find her chasing her four-year-old son Ryder, fantasizing about backyard art studios and pop-up trailers on Houzz, testing new recipes, reading rock band biographies, hiking with her family or upside down practicing her Scorpion pose.

“As professionals and moms, we understand what it means to be nimble, adjusting to whatever the day brings, and for the need to react quickly in a dynamic environment. We are proud to offer both full service and a la carte services that make PR and marketing accessible to a variety of businesses and budgets.”

– Kim + Tia